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Isdefe hosted a Digital Forensics Investigation Workshop at its headquarters

Tue, 30 Jun 2015
Jornada de Investigación forense digital

Isdefe hosted the Forum on Public-Private Cooperation in Cybersecurity, which is organising a workshop on digital forensic investigation, to be held on 29 and 30 June.

This workshop is intended for judges and prosecutors, who will learn first-hand of the changes made to the new Penal Code and criminal offences involving computer crimes.

Isdefe took part in presenting the 2015 Air Force Awards

Tue, 30 Jun 2015
Premios Ejército del Aire 2015

The Minister of Defence, Mr. Pedro Morenés y Eulate, presided over the presentation ceremony for the 37th edition of the Air Force Awards, held on 25 June in the courtyard of the Air Force headquarters.

Accompanying him were the Secretary of State for Defence and President of Isdefe, Mr. Pedro Argüelles Salaverría, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Fernando García Sánchez and the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Francisco Javier García Arnaiz.

Celebration of the 1st Space Engineering Congress in partnership with Isdefe

Thu, 25 Jun 2015
I Congreso de Ingeniería Espacial 2015 con la colaboración de Isdefe.

On 24 and 25 June 2015, the inaugural Space Engineering Congress was held at Spain’s Engineering Institute, organised by the Official Association of Spanish Aeronautical Engineers (COIAE).

The congress, which dealt with the state of the art in space engineering in Spain and with the current state of the industry, featured forty speakers and representatives from organisations like INTA, the European Space Agency (ESA), the Andalusia and Canaries Astrophysics Institutes, universities and companies.