icono DEMORPAS (Demonstration Activities for Integration of RPAs in SESAR)

DEMORPAS (Demonstration Activities for Integration of RPAs in SESAR)

Entidad financiadora: 



 Isdefe (Coordinator), ENAIRE, CRIDA, FADA-CATEC and INTA, in concert with the Spanish Air Force and Spain’s National Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).


The DEMORPAS project was intended to demonstrate how to integrate RPAs into unsegregated airspace in a mixed environment with manned and unmanned aircraft.  The demonstration was carried out via actual flights of RPAs and manned aircraft under air traffic control guidance from several control stations (ground, tower, approach and ACC).

The project focused on bridging the operational and technical gaps needed to integrate RPAs based on the results from SESAR.

The main goals of the project were to study: 

•    The applicability of SESAR concepts, procedures and technologies
•    Regulatory and safety aspects involving RPA operations in unsegregated airspace
•    Alternative solutions for procedures and technologies
•    The impact of normal and emergency operations on air traffic controllers, remote pilot and conventional pilots
•    Limitations on exchanging flight paths


Fecha inicio: 
October, 2013
Fecha final: 
January, 2016