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Equality Policy



Isdefe's most important asset, and the key to its success, is its team consisting of over 1,550 highly specialised professionals.

In an effort to adapt to the areas of technology in which it works, the company has experts in information and communications technology, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, defence and security, C4I, industrial consulting and other areas of engineering. Eighty-eight percent of Isdefe's staff is technically oriented.

Thanks to its renowned prestige, Isdefe's employees are often requested to take part in academic and professional conferences of the highest level.

Isdefe is constantly committed to training its personnel, investing a significant portion of its budget on acquiring and updating knowledge. This way the company can offer its clients the highest quality service and attain new areas of excellence while retaining its leadership position in current areas..

Isdefe recently launched various projects to manage its Human Capital and its Know-how. The company set up the tools needed to optimise the contributions from its human resources to achieve the business objectives, increasing the Satisfaction and Commitment of its professionals.

Equality Policy

Royal Decree 1615/2009 of 26 October regulates the concession and use of the "Equality in the Workplace" label, contained in Article 50 of the Law for the effective equality of women and men.

This label indicates excellence in equality and serves to encourage and recognise those companies that are committed to applying policies that ensure equal treatment and opportunities.