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Institutional Relations

One  of the objectives of the Institutional Relations Area (IR) is to establish, maintain and strengthen links and relationships both in the corporate environment and with other public administration institutions, associations, academic institutions and companies in the sector, etc., through actions that range from the definition and establishment of collaboration frameworks,  to the organization of events, meetings and institutional acts, disseminating through external communication actions, the key corporate messages and the actions and services carried out by the company in all its areas of activity. 

As part of its competencies, the Area develops different corporate tools such as brochures, presentations, videos, annual reports, etc., available through the web, which offer information on corporate services, reinforcing the brand image and identity.

If you wish to contact the IR area, you can do so through the mailbox:

                                                        [email protected]


 From the corporate website (home) and through different channels, you can consult and download the following corporate material:


  • Publications:

    • Annual Report, Executive Summary and Annual Report Video (View/Download)
  • Institutional Relations:

    • Corporate videos and videos of the different sectors of activity (Consultation/Download)
    • Brochures and Corporate Reports - Corporate Presentation, Isdefe in 1 minute, Corporate Identity Manual Summary, Annual Report, Annual Report Executive Summary (Consultation / Download) 
    • Sectoral Brochures - Defence & Security, Space, Transport, Public Administrations, ICT (Consultation / Download)
  • Isdefe's YouTube channel

Through the website you can access Isdefe's dedicated channel, from which you can access, among others, the following videos:

  • Corporate (branded, ethical mailbox, etc.) and sectoral
  • Executive Summaries of Annual Reports
  • Strategic Plan


                                                                Youtube Isdefe


Corporate Videos


  Isdefe, your best ally                               Isdefe in 90 minutes                 35 years at the Spanish Administration service 


Sectors of Activity


  Defence and Security Sector            Transport Sector                             Space Sector    



      Public Administration Sector          ICT Sector                                         Energy Sector              


Corporate Brochures 


                       Corporate Brochures and Reports                                         Isdefe in 1 minute 


Sectorial Brochures


 Defence and Security                     Public Administration



         Space                                            ICT                                                                   Transport