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Ministry of Defence

  • Defence and Security – Command and Control Networks and Systems

    • Joint Information and Telecommunications Systems
    • Technical Assistance to the Air Force's SIMCA (Air Command and Control Systems) Programme Office
    • Architecture and Interoperability for the Army


  • Defence and Security – Platform Acquisition and Maintenance Programs

    •  Implementation of Management Methodologies for Ministry of Defence Programmes
    • Technical Assistance to the Maintenance Planning System (SIPLAMA)
    • Integrated Logistical Support
    • Modernisation and Life-Cycle Support Services for the Army’s Fleet of Transport Helicopters
    • Technical Assistance Analysing the Costs of the Air Force’s EF2000 Program
    • Technical Assistance to the EF2000 Programme Office
    • Strategic Consulting and Technical Planning Assistance to EMACON/EMAD
    • Consulting Services for Certifying the Tigre Helicopter


  • Defence and Security – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

    • Consulting Services in Military Airworthiness Certification of RPA


  • Defence and Security – Logistics and Supply Chain Systems

    • Consulting Services to Improve the Army’s Provisioning Processes
    • Definition of the New Nogal Logistics Base for the Army
    • Cataloguing Services for the National Spanish Office
    • Consulting Services in Logistics Management Systems(GALIA)


  • Defence and Security – Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Systems

    • Technical Assistance to the EW Santiago Joint Program
    • Technical Assistance to the Ghesta-Dubhe and Rigel Electronic Warfare R&D Programmes


  • Defence and Security - Cybersecurity

    • Assistance to the Ministry of Defence’s Subdirectorate General for ICT (SDGTIC)
    • Cyber-defence and Information Security Consulting Services to the Joint Chiefs of Staff


  • Defence and Security– Strategic Infrastructure

    • Engineering Services to Expand the Port at the Rota Naval Base(Cadiz)
    • Services for the UN Communications Centre in Quart de Poblet (Valencia)


  • Defence and Security – Crisis and Emergency Management

    • Technical Assistance to the Military Emergencies Unit (UME)




  • Government Agencies – Improvement and Modernisation of Public Administrations

    • Balanced Scorecard for the Army’ s Logistical Support Command (MALE)
    • Program to Modernise Contracting at the Ministry of Defence
    • Support to the Cost Evaluation Group (CEG)


  • Government Agencies – Industrial Technology Management

    • Conduct of Industrial Studies and Evaluations
    • Negotiating and tracking the Ministry of Defence’s Industrial Cooperation Agreements (ACIS)
    • Technology and Innovation Strategy for Defence (ETID)
    • Ministry of Defence’s Technology Observation and Foresight System


  • ICT– Area of Radio Spectrum

    • Supervision and Operation of the Programme to Manage Spectrum of Military Frequencies
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