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1st Maintenance Reliability Workshop: Isdefe Gives Presentation on “Design based on the Reliability and Maintenance of the GSMC”.

1st Maintenance Reliability Workshop: Isdefe Gives Presentation on “Design based on the Reliability and Maintenance of the GSMC”.

At the initial workshop on Maintenance Reliability, Mr Gonzalo Santamaría Freire, Head of the Army Maintenance Unit of Isdefe’s Consulting and Strategic Process Management Office, presented the work that he carried out alongside Isdefe engineer Mr Ernesto Palomar Moreno on reliability and maintenance in designing the hosting scheme for the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC).

The GSMC is located at the facilities of the La Marañosa campus of the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA). It is the Galileo facility that monitors the security and controls the access to this PRS (Public Regulated Service) at the system level, as part of the “joint action” instructions in the event of a threat to the security of a member State stemming from the operation or use of the system. It provides knowledge on the system and conducts security analyses of PRS and Galileo.

Due to the critical nature of the tasks assigned, the design requirements needed are very stringent, since the system must be at least 99.9999% reliable.

As a result, this facility was designed using a design concept that is based on reliability, employing systems engineering methods, in which Isdefe specialises, and, within systems engineering, Integrated Logistical Support concepts, to identify the most critical aspects from the reliability and maintenance standpoint, the goal being to guarantee the availability requirements imposed with the lowest life-cycle cost possible.

On the basis of the reliability studies, the Logistical Support Concept and the Logistical Support Plan were designed before being placed into service. They include the maintenance plan, stock level in the warehouse, tooling, technical documentation, training and other aspects. Their primary goal is to ensure that the stringent levels of availability required for the operation of this critical installation can be achieved over its useful lifetime.

This initial workshop on Maintenance Reliability was held in Madrid on 27 and 28 November, and organised by the Spanish Maintenance Association.

The workshops featured top experts on the subjects of asset management and a range of reliability-related issues: reliability in digital settings, in Industry 4.0, in training and regulations, in the development of new products, and its management in competitive environments.