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4th Edition of the Small Satellites & Services International Forum (SSSIF2023)

4th Edition of the Small Satellites & Services International Forum (SSSIF2023)

Andrea Iglesias, Head of the Air and Marine CIS Department at Isdefe, takes part in the Small Satellites and Defence Applications panel of this fourth edition of the SSSIF.

The Small Satellites & Services International Forum was held between 21 and 23 February in the city of Malaga, with record attendance figures thanks to the 350+ attendees from 20 countries, 142 companies in the sector and 13 universities.

In her presentation, the Isdefe engineer asked the question, “Can we live without satellites?"

From the point of view of command and control forces, there are at least three reasons in which technology provides necessary support: communications to exercise command and control over troops and platforms with a secure command and control system; situational awareness to provide the advantage of having more and better data that, when analysed, provide information that makes the difference in how conflicts are fought; and GPS and Galileo location systems that allow guiding weapons systems adequately towards specific targets while avoiding collateral damage.

This fourth panel was chaired by LTC José L. Calvo in a congress that featured an agenda with a total of 67 speakers taking part in 11 panels.