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5G for Tactical CIS: The Application of 5G Technologies and Services to the Defence Sphere

5G for Tactical CIS: The Application of 5G Technologies and Services to the Defence Sphere

On June 22 the Foundation for Military Arts and Sciences organized a videoconference under the theme "The Application of 5G Technologies and Services to the Defence Sphere", moderated by Isdefe engineers Mr. Guillermo González Muñoz, in charge of the technological prospecting area; and Mr. Álvaro Cañas Arranz, both in Industrial Technological Management.

5G is the new wireless communications technology for the transmission of data between devices and other types of systems with an Internet connection.

This technology represents a qualitative leap over its predecessor, 4G, or LTE-4G, delivering higher speeds and performance and creating promising opportunities in the military sphere.

Among other aspects, it is expected to bolster the capacity to link multiple systems and devices in a wider network while sharing information in real time, improving communication between services. All this will improve decision-making and situational awareness.

Improved connectivity can lead to new approaches in technologies and missions, such as integration with Cloud computing and the expansion of coverage using satellite communications.

5G being mainly a civil development, it is of interest to study and establish synergies with military applications based on the technological capabilities already developed.

Some examples of 5G's points of interest, from a tactical Communications and Information Systems (CIS) for defence point of view, are:

  • Exploring 5G as a complement to the capacities of Software-Defined Radio (SDR) and satellite communications.
  • Assess and exploit the potential of 5G technologies to support military applications on the battlefield.
  • The management of the radio frequency spectrum.

The virtual round table featured 3 presentations on the subject in question, given by representatives from the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Universidad Carlos III, and the Defence Ministry's Information Systems, Telecommunications and Technical Assistance Chief (JCISAT).

The discussion focused on exploring the main benefits of 5G as a telecommunications medium and its possible use in defence.

Isdefe's moderators proposed an initial line of reflection through which to explore the possibilities of its use in the military sphere, paving the way for an initial approach that could be expanded to cover more specific topics.