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7th National Congress on Defence and Security R&D (DESEi+d 2019)

7th National Congress on Defence and Security R&D (DESEi+d 2019)

The 7th National Congress on Defence and Security R&D (DESEi+d 2019) was held at the Navy’s School for Non-Commissioned Officers in San Fernando on 19, 20 and 21 November 2019.

Organised by the Directorate General for Armament and Materiel’s Sub-Directorate General for Planning, Technology and Innovation (SDG PLATIN), in concert with the Directorate General for Military Recruiting and Training, along with the Defence University Centres and Isdefe (Ingeniería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España), this Congress provides a forum and gathering place for all the actors involved in R&D in the fields of defence and security. The results of the latest research and papers involving some of the thematic areas of relevance to defence and security were presented at this Congress.

DESEi+d 19 was inaugurated by the Director General for Military Recruitment and Training, Ms María Amparo Valcarce; the Director General of INTA, Lt Gen José María Salom Piqueres; the president of the Organising Committee, Brig Gen José Luis Murga Martínez; the Navy’s Director of Training, Rear Adm Victoriano Gilabert Agote; the Deputy Mayor of San Fernando, Mr Ignacio Bermejo Martínez; and the Director of the Navy’s School for Non-Commissioned Officers, Capt Jesús Ángel Paz Pena.

As part of this 7th National Congress on Defence and Security, almost 200 papers were presented, 31 of which were nominated for the Fourth Edition of the “Antonio Torres” Isdefe R&D Prize, which seeks to recognise the high quality of the works and the speakers, and to assist in consolidating the DESEi+d Congress as a national benchmark by helping to turn it into what it is now: a leading forum on innovation in defence and security for the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, academia, researchers, experts in various public research bodies and for companies in the sector.

Following a two-round process, the winner of the Fourth Edition of the “Antonio Torres” Isdefe R&D Prize was Mr Antonio J. Conesa Torres, from the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA), for his paper titled Actuadores de plasma y su uso en Aeronáutica (Plasma Actuators and Their Use in Aeronautics).

The award was presented by the Secretary of State for Defence, Mr Angel Olivares, Isdefe’s CEO, Mr Francisco Quereda, and Isdefe’s Director of Business Development, Mr Jesús Alonso.

The prize judges this year were:

o          Mr José Serna Serrano – San Javier CUD (University Defence Centre)

o          Ms Silvia Vicente – Zaragoza CUD

o          Mr Arturo González Gil – Marín CUD

o          Mr Natalio García Honduvilla – Madrid CUD

o          Lt Col (Air Force) Juan Manuel González Del Campo Martínez – SDG PLATIN

o          Mr Daniel Mosquera Bénitez – Isdefe (jury chairman)

The following papers were presented on behalf of Isdefe: "Una aproximación de ingeniería de sistemas al desarrollo de una arquitectura funcional U-Space para España" [An Approach to Systems Engineering for Developing a Functional U-Space Architecture for Spain], by Mr Jorge Bueno Gómez and Ms Carla Ciruelos Pardo; "Aplicación de la metodología sora al análisis de seguridad de operaciones de RPAS militares" [Application of the SORA Methodology to Analyse the Security of Military RPAS Operations], by Mr Diego Bueno Pérez and Mr Guillermo Jenaro de Mencos; and "Modelo predictivo para el análisis de bajas voluntarias de personal de tropa por especialidad fundamental basado en machine learning" [Predictive Machine-Learning Model for Analysing Voluntary Departures of Enlisted Personnel by Key Speciality], by Ms María Nieves Santamaría Estévez, Mr José Ramón Martín Lastra, Mr Rafael Fernández-Shaw Domínguez, Mr Rafael Melgar Sánchez and Mr Raúl Rodríguez Sánchez.

The 7th National Congress on Defence and Security R&D was brought to a close by the Secretary of State for Defence, Mr Ángel Olivares Ramírez, the Chief of Naval Personnel, Adm Fausto Escrigas Rodríguez, and Isdefe’s CEO, Mr Francisco Quereda Rubio.