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Congress on Systems Engineering Applied to Defence

Congress on Systems Engineering Applied to Defence

The Congress of Systems Engineering Applied to Defence will be held on Thursday, 25 November 2021.

Organised by Ingeniería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España (Isdefe) and the Spanish Association of Systems Engineering (AEIS), in cooperation with the Advanced Centre for National Defence Studies (CESEDEN), it seeks to help disseminate the discipline of systems engineering in Spain and it is aimed at Defence and Security professionals in the Public Administration, academia and industry.

The Congress will be in-person at the CESEDEN Auditorium and online. Registration is available https://www.congresoingenieriadesistemas.es/

The Congress proceedings, available https://www.congresoingenieriadesistemas.es/ , will be opened by Dr Alejandro Salado, who will inspire the audience with his talk on "Systems Engineering: Myths and Conjectures".

Three round tables will then be held. The first one will deal with the challenges of defence systems engineering, offering the point of view of the General Directorate of Armament and Matériel (DGAM) of the Ministry of Defence and the three armed services.

The second round table will discuss the skills of systems engineers and the training challenges of this discipline.

The last round table will consider the benefits of cooperation in systems engineering, and present as a case study Isdefe's collaboration, through the Horizons Network, with the Spanish Association of Systems Engineering (AEIS-INCOSE) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

The Congress will be closed by Ms Esperanza Casteleiro Llamazares, Secretary of State for Defence.


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