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FEINDEF establishes itself in its second edition.

FEINDEF establishes itself in its second edition.

Isdefe had an information point at the stand of the Ministry of Defence, a stand that received high-ranking officials from the Ministry and the Armed Forces.

The International Defence and Security Fair, organised by the FEINDEF Foundation with institutional support from the Ministry of Defence, was held from 3 to 5 November in pavilions 8 and 10 of the IFEMA facilities.

The success of the Fair is reflected in the more than 300 exhibitors, 75 delegations, 100+ media outlets, and over 12,000 visitors.

Isdefe played a leading role in two round tables at the Fair.

Mr Gonzalo Santamaría Freire, head of the Army Maintenance Office in Isdefe's Management Consulting and Strategic Processes Department, took part in the round table on "New Technologies Applied to Logistics: Baseline Logistics Technology Project for the Army", which was moderated by Major General José Manuel Vivas Urieta, Director of Integration of Logistics Functions at the Logistics Support Command.

Ms Silvia Palacios Sánchez, an Isdefe engineer specialising in C4ISR, from the Tactical Systems R&D area of the company’s Defence and Security Directorate, participated in the conference on "Defence Capacities and Needs in Artificial Intelligence", which was moderated by the head of the Technology Projects Unit in the Technology and Innovation Management Department of the Sub-Directorate General for Planning, Technology and Innovation (SDG PLATIN), Mr Catalá Lloret.

Elsewhere, Mr Moisés Fernández Álvaro, from Isdefe's Operations Department and the Director of Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex, and Ms Belinda Misiego Tejeda, head of the Innovation Office in Isdefe's Business Development Department, sat on the jury of the Defence Security Innovation Brokerage (DSiB) "FEINDEF Foundation Innovation Awards", whose goal is to promote innovation in Defence and Security by organising industry, end users, academia and other research organisations in a framework that is conducive to the exchange of ideas and technological information, and supports mutual knowledge and technology transfer from public research agencies to the industrial fabric.

One of the highlights of the fair was the visit to the Isdefe information point at the stand of the Ministry of Defence by the Major General of the Armed Forces of Peru, Mr Carlos Martín Quiroz, Director General of Material Resources, and the interview conducted at the Air Force stand involving the "CONNECTED AIR BASE-BACSI" project with Lieutenant Colonel Ángel López Soriano of the Air Force Staff, and with Ms Aurora Hidalgo, an Isdefe engineer in the Air Tactical Systems Office of the Defence and Security Department. You can watch the interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1egjnXr6dI .

The Fair, opened by the Secretary of State for Defence, Ms Esperanza Casteleiro, is "a benchmark, an international showcase of Spain's defence, technological capacity, development and innovation", which hosted a wide range of professionals from the sector, along with a multidisciplinary array of members of the Administration, industry, the Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, academia and agents in the sector, all in an exhibition environment that witnessed the exchange of information and advice on needs and solutions provided by the defence industry.

As the in-house technical services provider of Spain's Ministry of Defence in the area of Defence and Security, and as in the 1st edition of FEINDEF, the Isdefe information point allowed the company to inform representatives from international delegations, in coordination with the Ministry, of the organisation's capacities and services, as well as of the projects that Isdefe is engaged in abroad.