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Isdefe at the 3rd Space Engineering Congress

Isdefe at the 3rd Space Engineering Congress

The 3rd Space Engineering Congress was held from 24 to 27 October in a virtual format that featured over one thousand professionals in the sector from twenty different countries.

Isdefe was well represented with four speakers: Moisés Fernández Álvaro, Director of the INTA/NASA Space Tracking Centre in Robledo de Chavela, who gave a presentation on “Current and Future Outlook in Deep-Space Communications”; and the engineers from the Space Office, Antonio Torres García, with a presentation on “Ground Segment I - Voice-Loop COTS between Space Centres”, Martín Moya Redondo, with a presentation on “Ground Segment I - INTA Network of Ground Stations for Space Communications”, and David Modrego Contreras, with a presentation on “Ground Segment II - Automation System for the CHEOPS Mission Control Centre”.

The Space Observatory of Isdefe’s Horizons Network was also represented with a presentation on “Emulator for a Quantum Communications System”, featuring Isabel Carnoto, Julio Nevado, under the guidance of Universidad Carlos III professors Pablo Fajardo and Enrique García, and Isdefe physicist Juan F. Cabrero Gómez.

The Congress was organised by the Space Committee of the Spanish Institute of Engineering and the Space Group of the Official Association of Aeronautical Engineers of Spain under the theme “Space, the Final Frontier”. The Congress was opened by Spain’s Minister for Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, who recalled the “strategic” nature of this industry and the role it is playing during the crisis caused by the pandemic by helping to keep essential services going, like communications, distance medicine and distance learning.

Both scientific and technological advances were at the core of the conferences and presentations over the three days of the congress, during which the experts noted the capacity and resilience of Spain’s space industry.