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Isdefe hosts the 3rd ADESyD Congress

Isdefe hosts the 3rd ADESyD Congress

Today, Isdefe is holding the 3rd Congress of the Association of Spanish Graduates in Security and Defence, under the slogan “Sharing (visions of) Security”. 

Our Director of Business Development, Mr Jesús Alonso Martín, will give the opening address at this gathering, which will be inaugurated by the Honourable Josep Piqué, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and member of the Honorary Council of ADESyD.

The Congress will be divided into four panels, with themes including national and international security and public/private security. Mr José Antonio Díaz Bermúdez, Head of Isdefe’s Border Protection Dept., will speak on the challenges to securing national borders and on the need for innovation. 

This Congress provides the perfect forum for debating Spain’s defence and security interests. There are numerous changes underway, both external and internal, that necessitate new approaches in this field. It is also an opportunity to analyse and develop proposals, as well as to put forth new formulas for public/private cooperation in the interest of public security. 

Isdefe, as the in-house provider of Defence and Security services, with over 30 years serving Spain’s government and international public organisations, endorses initiatives like the ADESyD Congress, a forum where visions can be shared and where participants can gain in-depth knowledge on the current and ever-changing risks and threats to security.

The Congress will be closed by the current president of the Spanish Parliament’s Defence Commission, Mr José María Barrea.