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Isdefe Hosts the 6th Edition of the ADESyD Congress

Isdefe Hosts the 6th Edition of the ADESyD Congress

Ever since the first congress, Isdefe has provided the venue for the main annual event of the Association of Spanish Graduates in Security and Defence (ADESyD), which, under the slogan “Sharing (visions of) Security”, brings together partners, experts, VIPs, institutions and the public at large to take part in this forum where they debate, reflect and analyse, and where they can share their views and knowledge on defence and security issues.

The event, which was held on 11 December, was organised into three panels: national security, international security and public/private security.

The opening remarks to attendees were given by Mr Francisco Quereda Rubio, Isdefe’s CEO, Dr María Angustias Caracuel Raya, President of ADESyD and Director of Spanish Women in International Security (SWIIS), and Dr José Díaz Toribio, General Coordinator of the ADESyD Congress.

Opening the conference was Mr Félix Sanz Roldán, Army General and former director of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI). This was followed by the various panels, which featured speakers from the armed forces and law enforcement agencies, local police officers, professors and researchers from different universities, experts and VIPs in security and defence.

Isdefe contributed with a presentation on “The Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) as a Tool for Security and Defence”, given by the head of the GNSS and Remote Sensing Office of the Space and Technology Centres Department, Mr José María Cruz Gómez.

The closing remarks were given by Dr Gustavo Suárez Pertierra, ex-Minister of Education and ex-Minister of Defence, and President of the Spanish UNICEF Committee.

An outcome of the 6th Congress will be the publication of the presentations given, such that the public at large can be made aware of the contributions made and the ideas discussed at the event, thereby enhancing our knowledge and culture of security and defence.