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Isdefe organises a Satellite Navigation course for the UPM Summer Courses series.

Curso de Navegacion por Satelite

This week, on the 20th and 21st, Isdefe is organising a summer course on “Satellite Navigation:  Systems, Services and Critical Security Applications”, as part of the Summer Courses series held by the UPM at the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso (La Granja, Segovia).

The course was inaugurated by Isdefe’s CEO, Mr. Francisco Quereda Rubio, and the sessions will feature the leading organisations in the sector, such as Spain’s Defence Ministry, the Civil Guard, ESSP, ESA, AESA, INTA, ENAIRE, Ports of the State, and representatives from academia and from defence and security companies.

The course will cover both the operation and development of satellite navigation systems (GNSS), with special emphasis on the European EGNOS and Galileo systems. The applications of GNSS will also be analysed, especially as these pertain to critical applications (”Safety of Life”) and those involving defence and security.

Isdefe engineers Mr. José María Cruz Gómez, of the Stations Office, and Mr. Pablo Haro Rodríguez, of the Transport and ICT Office, will give two presentations titled “Description, services, operators and users” and “GNSS applications to aviation”, respectively.

Isdefe has led the way in this 11th edition of the UPM Summer Courses since days before, the Director of Operations, Mr. José Manuel Hesse Martín, took part in the course titled “Air transport and climate change”, with a presentation on “The impact of climate change on airport and air navigation activities”. The head of the Technology Foresight department, Mr. Guillermo González Muñoz de Morales, part of the Strategic Consulting and Processes Office, gave a presentation for the course on “Evolution and smart automation potential of the weapons and logistical support systems of Spain’s Armed Forces” titled “Challenges facing the evolution of autonomous and artificial intelligence systems”.