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Isdefe publishes its 2018 Annual Report, cognizant of the importance of corporate transparency, integrity and ethics.

Isdefe publishes its 2018 Annual Report, cognizant of the importance of corporate transparency, integrity and ethics.

Isdefe has published its 2018 Annual Report, which describes the company’s results and its activity, reporting on the organisation’s performance in three areas of sustainability: financial, social and environmental.

In his introductory letter, the President of Isdefe and the Secretary of State for Defence, Mr  Ángel Olivares, notes that “the organisation’s cumulative experience, gained over its history of 30+ years, along with its commitment to excellence and an innovative spirit, provide a guarantee when confronting the goals that the Ministry and the Administration have set out for the future”.

Mr Francisco Quereda, Isdefe’s CEO, underscored that “in 2018, Isdefe managed to consolidate its standing as the Administration’s in-house technical service provider, primarily in those areas of activity involving defence and security, as well as other, high value-added areas”.

The 2018 Annual Report details a turnover of €146.57M, of which the part associated with Isdefe’s activity as the in-house provider accounted for 89%.

In addition to its activities, the 2018 Annual Report describes Isdefe’s strategic objectives, explaining the company’s role as a benchmark and technology leader for the Ministry of Defence and for the Public Administration as a whole. Isdefe is continuing to adapt as per its 2017-2021 Action Plan, ensuring that it will comply with the requirements to be an In-House Technical Service Provider, as well as with sustainability requirements in terms of financial balance, professional development, international presence, modernised management and digital transformation.

The document can be downloaded from the Isdefe corporate website at https://www.isdefe.es/releases/annual-reports?language=en, and it may be viewed dynamically on the Isdefe annual report website, https://informeanualisdefe.es/en/

The reference framework for the 2018 Annual Report is the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which represent best practices at the global level to publicly report on the financial, environmental and social impacts created by an organisation, and on how they are managed. 

The Annual Report also satisfies the organisation’s commitments to the United Nations Global Compact, doubling as the progress report that this institution requires to be published. 

It should be noted that Isdefe audits its annual accounts every year, and that its 2018 Status of Non-Financial Information was verified by an independent expert, pursuant to Law 11/2018 on non-financial and diversity information, thus ensuring that this 2018 Annual Report meets the highest quality standards.