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Isdefe Publishes Its 2019 Annual Report

Isdefe Publishes Its 2019 Annual Report

Isdefe has published its 2019 Annual Report, which describes the company’s activity and results for the 2019 fiscal year, and specifically the organisation’s performance in three areas of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

The Secretary of State for Defence and President of Isdefe, in her letter introducing this annual report, notes the good results reported by the Company, “a result of the principle of excellence, which guides the performance of our operations and the governance of the organisation”.

The Secretary of State for Defence also noted how society is witnessing the important role that the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces are playing to mitigate the health emergency and its economic and social effects, underscoring their mission and contribution to the welfare of the country. She added that Isdefe is a safeguard as a multidisciplinary support tool, not only in the areas of defence and security, but in every other area of its activity.

Mr Francisco Quereda, Isdefe’s CEO, notes that in 2019, the company consolidated its activities as the in-house technical service provider of the Central State Administration (AGE), based on the strategy of supporting the Administration in the areas included in the National Security Strategy, and underpinned by technological modernisation, in keeping with the lines of action set out in the AGE’s Digital Transformation Plan and its public agencies.

The Company’s activities in 2019 were guided by a culture of integrity and relied on management practices intended to enforce the law and the standards of good corporate governance, which are predicated on the principles of economic sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.

Isdefe reported a turnover of 150.75 million euros for the year, with a net profit of 6.74 million euros. Ninety-one percent of its activities were performed in its capacity as an in-house provider, with a staff of 1,650 and a general satisfaction index for services rendered of 8.95 points.

The document may be downloaded from Isdefe’s corporate website at https://www.isdefe.es/publicaciones, and viewed dynamically on the website of the 2019 Isdefe Annual Report, https://informeanualisdefe.com/en/