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Isdefe is recognised by FREMAP for achieving the bonus

Isdefe is recognised by FREMAP for achieving the bonus

Isdefe complies with the requirements of RD 404/2010 of 31 March, which regulates the definition of a system for reducing contributions for professional contingencies. This bonus is awarded to companies that have made significant strides to reduce and prevent workplace accidents. Since this bonus was set up in 2010, Isdefe has been filing its data, in compliance with the eligibility requirements.

Through its recognition for achieving this bonus, FREMAP hopes to identify the best companies for their effort, commitment to prevention, trajectory and for launching effective health and safety policies, thus reducing the rates of workplace accidents and diseases.

The second edition of this event was held on 9 March at the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Corporate Organisations) headquarters, where, for the second time, Isdefe was recognised for achieving the bonus for the 2014 FY by the director of FREMAP branch number 61, Mr Ignacio Martínez Bárcena.

Representing Isdefe at the event were Ms Carmen Canda Moreno, Director of the HR Dept., Ms Susana Jordán Palacios, Head of the Work Relations and OHP Office, Ms Isabel León Arroyo, Coordinator of the Internal Prevention Service, and Ms Lourdes Lacal Sanjuán, Technical Director of the Medical Service.

The event was opened by Mr Luis Méndez, Director of Labour Affairs at CEIM, and Mr Ángel Jurado Segovia, Managing Director of Labour and IRSST Manager for the Community of Madrid, and featured a speech by Mr Javier Cerrolaza Aragón, Territorial Director, Chief of Provincial Labour and Social Security Inspections.

Closing the event was Mr José Luis Checa Martín, Assistant General Manager at FREMAP.