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Isdefe, a responsible company: World Consumer Rights Day.

Isdefe, a responsible company: World Consumer Rights Day.

March 15 is “World Consumer Rights Day”, and Isdefe is organising several actions and activities in an effort to further the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The company is working in several areas to advance its commitment to sustainability. Various organisational units in the company’s different departments are taking proactive steps to achieve the stated goals. These include the CSR Unit, the Resources Unit, the Safety Department, which manages the ISO 14001 Environmental System, the Contracts Department and others. Not to mention the support of the entire staff.

The advances made in Isdefe’s commitment to responsible consumption take form through a series of activities that make the company more sustainable and environmentally friendly:

Elimination of single-use plastic utensils:

  • Elimination of plastic glasses, cutlery and bottles and replacing them with biodegradable or reusable materials.
  • Elimination of all plastics in drink vending machines.
  • Supplying a glass bottle to employees.

Enhanced Recycling Plan:

  • New container to recycle batteries.
  • Containers to separate and sort the waste generated on every floor of the building, along with signs and instructions for use.
  • Presence of a Recycling Point at headquarters, where waste is stored, packaged and weighed before it is picked up by a waste management company.
  • Record of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and their destination.
  • A high percentage of the waste generated is transferred to recovery and recycling plants, which make the most of the resources contained in the waste they process.
  • Collection of plastic caps for recycling (over 2,000 kg delivered).

Efficient energy use

  • 100% of our electricity is from renewable sources.
  • Annual reduction in direct CO2 emissions thanks to savings resulting from the consumption of natural gas, water and electricity at headquarters.
  • Implementation of an energy control and management system at headquarters.
  • Encourage electrical mobility by installing an electric vehicle recharging infrastructure at headquarters.

Reduced paper use

  • Total elimination of paper and physical media (USB, CD, etc.) in the contracting process through 100% electronic tenders and the systematic use of digital signatures and the public sector contracting platform.
  • The office paper that is purchased is at least partially recycled or made from virgin fibre sourced from sustainable forest operations and free from elemental chlorine (ECF).

Inclusion of environmental clauses

  • Inclusion in the contract forms of a clause requiring compliance with our environmental policy.
  • All open tenders processed include environmental requirements.
  • Inclusion of assessment criteria in service contracts (cleaning and waste) to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2.
  • Inclusion of environmental requirements in supply contracts for computer equipment (low halogen content).

Sustainable Development Goal number 12 of the 2030 Agenda involves “Responsible consumption and production”, and is intended to achieve economic growth and sustainable development and reduce our carbon footprint by changing how we produce and consume goods and resources.

With the support of all its staff and departments, Isdefe is making considerable progress in managing our shared natural resources efficiently, and in how toxic and polluting waste is disposed of.