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Isdefe takes part in the 2nd Workshop for companies on the technological project of the Army Logistics Base.

Isdefe takes part in the 2nd Workshop for companies on the technological project of the Army Logistics Base.

On 9 June, the city of Córdoba hosted the 2nd Workshop for companies on the technological project of the Army Logistics Base, in which engineer Santiago Adán, from Isdefe's Department of Consulting and Strategic Management Processes, participated.

The event was inaugurated by the rector of the University of Córdoba, Mr José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, and by the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Francisco Javier Varela Salas.

The technological project of the Army Logistics Base, which was presented at the workshop by the head of the Army Logistics Support Command, Lieutenant General Fernando García y García de las Hijas, involves unifying the current Central Logistics Units (OLC) of the Army in a new headquarters equipped with new technological capabilities that make it possible to maximise the resources used and adapt to logistical needs and to present and future weapons systems.

This project marks a key milestone within the Army's 2035 force digitisation and maintenance strategy.

Isdefe, thanks to the knowledge and experience gained over more than 35 years, has created a team of engineers with extensive experience in maintenance and supply issues in military settings, acquired through field work in the OLCs themselves alongside specialist personnel, which has provided a basis for determining the needs and preparing a technical proposal for this project.

The workshop, structured into three panels, described the main characteristics of the project and the next stages in order to promote involvement, the contribution of ideas and collaboration with the national and local industry, as well as with other public and private entities in the field of defence, education and research.

At the workshop's first panel, Santiago Adán, who works in the Army Maintenance Division of Isdefe's Maintenance and Logistics Management Department, gave a presentation on “Description of the project. Technological architecture of the logistics base: Description of the processes of the Base”, the methodology used to determine the solution and the holistic vision (technology, information systems and infrastructure) that has guided the search for solutions to obtain a satisfactory result in the later phases of the project. He shared a panel with the speakers Brigadier General Manuel Hernández Frutos (CIS Headquarters), Brigadier General Jesús Gómez Pardo (Engineering Office of the Logistics Support Command) and Colonel Pedro Bueno Fernández (Directorate of Infrastructures), which was moderated by the Director of Integration of Logistics Functions, Brigadier General José Manuel Vivas Urieta.

This workshop aroused great interest from both businesses and academia, and was a resounding success. It also received great support from the city of Córdoba and its institutions, which has expressed a desire to host an innovative project. Such a project is deemed vital for the promotion of quality employment and underpins the city's commitment to become a future centre of logistics, technology and industry.