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Isdefe takes part in the iDΣΛ Challenge workshop at ETSIAE

Isdefe takes part in the iDΣΛ Challenge workshop at ETSIAE

Engineer José Pablo Haro Rodríguez, from Isdefe’s Transport and ICT Department, mentored one of the teams created to compete in this educational project.

The iDΣΛ Challenge is a project in innovative education that, in keeping with the Design Thinking methodology, asks Master’s and senior-year undergraduate students at the Advanced School for Aeronautical and Space Engineering (ETSIA) to solve an actual technological challenge.

The competition was held during the hackathon workshop on 15 October at the ETSIAE, where 15 student groups presented their solutions to the assigned challenges.

Before the hackathon, the participants in the iDΣΛ Challenge attended online training seminars featuring technological content related to communication skills, and specific content on the Design Thinking methodology.

The winning team presented a power-pipe, or wind cannon, idea which consists of a system that would allow both fixed-wing and rotary-wing drones to take off vertically.

José Pablo Haro mentored the team that was tasked with the challenge of “organising urban air mobility by leveraging existing land-based infrastructure to guarantee operational safety and minimise noise”. The team thus decided to, on the one hand, site vertiports at train stations, airports, urban parks, industrial parks, etc. On the other, airways would go from origin to destination, flying whenever possible over autoroutes, rivers, railways, scarcely populated areas, or over the ocean in the case of coastal cities.

The iDΣΛ Challenge fosters cooperation between industry and academia since, through the challenge, companies get directly involved in training students and can identify entrepreneurial talent and innovative solutions. For its part, Isdefe supports a culture of innovation and compliance with Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals.