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Isdefe took part in presenting the 2015 Air Force Awards

Premios Ejército del Aire 2015

The Minister of Defence, Mr. Pedro Morenés y Eulate, presided over the presentation ceremony for the 37th edition of the Air Force Awards, held on 25 June in the courtyard of the Air Force headquarters.

Accompanying him were the Secretary of State for Defence and President of Isdefe, Mr. Pedro Argüelles Salaverría, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Fernando García Sánchez and the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Francisco Javier García Arnaiz.

Isdefe took part in the ceremony as a partner in the award presentations. In addition to recognising the award recipients, the event was intended to promote the activities of “aviators around the world”, those Air Force personnel assigned to missions abroad and to diplomatic legations, thus serving to highlight the expeditionary and international role played by our military.