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LinkedIn presents Isdefe its “Best Talent Acquisition Team” award

LinkedIn presents Isdefe its “Best Talent Acquisition Team” award

Ruth María Escobar, head of the Selection and Professional Development Department at Isdefe, received the award on Thursday, 9 March, on behalf of Isdefe's selection team, consisting of Ana Díez, Raúl Losada, Vanesa Roldán and Cristina Salgado.

LinkedIn presents its “Talent Awards” annually in five categories, including the “Best Talent Acquisition Team” category, which has six sub-categories, including “Government”, which our company won.

The “Best Talent Acquisition Team” category recognises the teams of talent professionals who used LinkedIn Talent Solutions to collaborate, interact with and foster talent, with criteria based on: skill in the use of Recruiter (LinkedIn's technological tool); average acceptance rate of InMail messages from the team; average number of profiles viewed and profiles saved; average number of searches made; average number of days the team was active.

The award acknowledges teamwork and training in the use of technology in a state-owned company such as Isdefe that demands highly qualified professionals, since it provides services to national and international public agencies in areas of technological and strategic interest.

Isdefe's workforce consists of more than 1,700 employees, 88.2% of whom have university degrees, and of these, 91.6% are in engineering and other technical areas.

In addition, Isdefe bases its selection processes on the skills and performance of professional functions, and on the criteria of equality, openness, competition and capacity, required for every vacancy at the company. This requires excellence in teamwork in order to meet the objectives set, and which this award recognises.