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MEDEA launches an open call for ideas and solutions.

MEDEA launches an open call for ideas and solutions.

On Monday, 21 September, MEDEA launched an open call to receive ideas and solutions to the needs that have been identified over the course of the project.

The call for ideas is directed mainly to research centres, universities and private researchers, and those that are selected will receive prizes in different categories.

The search for solutions is thus more focused on companies that want to present developments or technologies that can deal with the challenge, and those selected will be invited to participate in an event where they can present their solutions to end users throughout Europe.

All the information is contained on the following website: https://www.medea-project.eu/open-call-application.

The MEDEA project, funded by the European Union, seeks to create a network of security professionals and stakeholders in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. ISDEFE has been participating in it since 2018, leading the thematic group on “Border Management and Surveillance”.