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Peru-Spain Joint Seminar: Strategic Activities in the Space Sector

Peru-Spain Joint Seminar: Strategic Activities in the Space Sector

More than 150 specialists and scientists from the Space sector exchanged their knowledge and experiences at the virtual seminar held on May 20 and 21, under the theme "Strategic Activities in the Space Sector".

The participating organizations - Isdefe, INTA, Hisdesat and CONIDA (Peruvian Space Agency) - shared lessons learned in the execution of their projects, as well as their visions of the future regarding the social benefits that such organizations can provide through the use of space.

The event, promoted on the initiative of Isdefe, is part of a longstanding relationship between the company and the authorities at the Ministry of Defence of Peru.

The seminar addressed the topics of space telecommunications, Earth observation, and space surveillance and navigation, encompassing the government sectors of defence and national security, as well as land management, and economic sectors like Agriculture, Mining , Industry, the Media and Air Navigation, among others.

Opening the seminar was the Isdefe CEO’s Deputy Director TG. (R) Juan Manuel García Montaño; with participation by Peru’s Vice-Minister of Resources for Defence, Mr. José Boggiano Romano; the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Defence of Spain, Ms. Esperanza Casteleiro Llamazares; the Institutional Head of the Peruvian Space Agency (CONIDA), Major General Mr. José Antonio García Morgan; and Isdefe CEO Mr. Francisco Quereda Rubio. Their messages underscored the wide-ranging collaboration between the two countries and the organizations represented in search of mutual progress.

The seminar's  topics were covered by different experts in the sector, such as Mr. Ángel Luis Moratilla, Deputy Director General of Space Systems at INTA; Mr. Isaac Domínguez and Ms. Rosa Pulido, Space Director and Space Manager, respectively, at Isdefe; Mr. José M. Cruz, Head of Isdefe's GNSS and Earth Observation Department; Mr. Julio López, Head of Earth Observation at Hisdesat; and Sebastián Catolfi-Salvoni, Head of Business Development at Hisdesat.

The closing remarks were given by Isdefe's Director of Business Development, Mr. Jesús M. Alonso; and the Institutional Head of CONIDA, Major General José Antonio García Morgan, who pointed to the global importance of the space sector and its capacity to furnish society with specific services benefitting it.