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Plenary meeting of the Isdefe Horizons Network

Plenary meeting of the Isdefe Horizons Network
The directors of Isdefe’s Horizons Network met on 14 May at Isdefe to take stock of the 2018 fiscal year and to address the areas of activity implemented in 2019.
The meeting was opened by Mr Jesús Alonso, Isdefe’s Director of Business Development, who started by welcoming all the attendees and noting the Network’s importance to Isdefe’s R&D strategy.

Then, the coordinator of the Horizons Network, Mr Daniel Mosquera, Head of R&D at Isdefe, discussed the current status of the network, the short- and medium-term plans and the tools available to him for its development.

The managers of each horizon discussed the work done as it pertains to the four areas of action in which each horizon is involved: Technology Surveillance and Foresight; Supporting Isdefe’s Knowledge Management system; Communication and Use of Results; and Network of Alliances and Collaborations.

This plenary meeting considered a fifth area of action to balance out each of the horizons: Supporting Isdefe’s Talent Recruitment System, which is used to manage the non-study grants. This system, once implemented, has proven its effectiveness.
These five areas were detailed by the managers of each observatory:
  • Cybersecurity Horizon: Mr José Javier Martínez (UAH) and Mr Oscar Pastor (Isdefe)
  • Economy and Public Management Horizon: Mr Antonio Fonfría (UCM) and Mr Javier Alonso (Isdefe)
  • Defence and Security Horizon: Mr Mateo Burgos (UPM) and Luis A. García (Isdefe)
  • Air Navigation Horizon: Mr Fernando Gómez (UPM) and Miguel Ángel Martín (Isdefe)
  • Space Horizon: Mr Pablo Fajardo (UC3M) and Ms Rosa Pulido (Isdefe)
  • Systems Engineering Horizon: Ms Aurilla Aurelie Arntzen (USN) and Mr Andrés Cabanillas (Isdefe).
For the first time, the Cybersecurity Horizon is expanding its mission and vision by incorporating ICTs and Digital Progress. Its managers are José Antonio Portilla (UAH) and Juan Antonio Carabaña (Isdefe). 
So, under the five areas of activity listed, the Horizons Network now incorporates disruptive technologies into the area of administration in order to track advances in Information and Computer Technologies (ICT), paying particular attention, due to their relevance, to digital progress processes (IoT, Industry 4.0, Edge Computing, 5G, Smart Cities, 5G, BlockChain, etc.).
The plenary meeting of Isdefe’s Horizons Network concluded with a general debate and conclusions that highlight the synergies between the different observatories, the lessons learned and improvement proposals, and the overlaps between the observatories, cooperation between which is essential to advancing on projects such as: unmanned aerial platforms from the standpoint of operational safety, detection, and cybersecurity or the application of artificial intelligence to the economy and public sector management.