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Presentation of 2016 Spanish Navy Awards

 Presentation of 2016 Spanish Navy Awards

  On 12 December at 7:30 pm, the 2016 “Virgen del Carmen” Navy Awards was be presented at an event hold in the Navy headquarters building. The purpose of these awards, which were created 77 years ago, in 1939, is to disseminate naval culture.

This event brought together officials, institutions and professionals in the industry and was featured by the Minister of Defence and the Navy Chief of Staff.

The “Virgen del Carmen” awards are intended to encourage an interest in and fondness of the sea and naval affairs, and to disseminate naval culture nationally.

Isdefe was taking part as a sponsor, continuing with its ongoing support of the Armed Forces; in this case, of the Spanish Navy, through its endorsement of naval art and culture, enhancing the bond between the Navy and society. In addition, our Director of Business Development, Mr Jesús Alonso Martín, presented the award to "Painting Accesit" to Mr. Juan José Vicente.