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Presentation Ceremony for the new director of The Robledo De Chavela Space Complex

Presentation Ceremony for the new director of The Robledo De Chavela Space Complex

The blue Room at the Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex hosted the ceremony to present its newly appointed director, Major General (Ret.) Moisés Manuel Fernández Álvaro.

The event, chaired by INTA’s General Director, Lt Gen José María Salom Piqueres, also featured Isdefe’s CEO, Mr Francisco Quereda Rubio. During their presentations, they underscored the importance of the Robledo Complex to NASA’s space exploration programmes, its representation and relevance in relationships between the United States and Spain in general, and between NASA and INTA in particular, and the laudable efforts of the team tasked with operating and maintaining the complex.

As its new director, Mr Moisés Manuel Fernández expressed his appreciation for the trust placed in him by the agencies, and spoke of accepting the challenge of continuing in the legacy of excellence and dedication of the staff at the Complex, as well as of his desire to quickly become part of the team.

At the end of the event, the former director, Mr Ángel Martín Álvarez, was presented a recognition for his years at the helm of the Complex since 2016. In his parting words, he noted the responsibility and importance of the job, and wished the new director every success. He also appreciated the trust placed in him and acknowledged the work and effort of the staff during his tenure as director of the Complex. Mr Ángel Martín will now go on to become Head of Technology Centres in Isdefe’s Space Department.

General Moisés Manuel Fernández Álvaro is an aeronautical engineer who got his Bachelor’s degree in physics from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and his Master’s in engineering physics from the Air Force Institute of Technology. Since joining the Air Force, he spent his career in Spain’s armed forces, working on programmes like the Eurofighter and the A-400M. He took part in numerous space programmes at INTA before becoming the Director of Space Programmes at the Institute. He was then stationed at various locations as Chief of the Armaments Section of NATO’s International Military Staff, Chief of Aerial Training in Seville, and Deputy Director of Maintenance and Director of Engineering and Infrastructure at the Air Force’s Logistical Support Command. After returning to INTA, he worked as the Deputy Director of Aeronautical Systems before becoming a reservist. He has received numerous distinctions, such as the Grand Cross of Aeronautical Merit and the Cross of San Hermenegildo. He was also named Engineer of the Year by the COIAE. He is currently the Director of the MDSCC.