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The Presentation Event for the 5th call of Isdefe’s programme to gather and manage R&D ideas was held on Thursday the 20th in the Isdefe conference hall.

The event featured presentations from Lieutenant General José María Salom Piqueres, Managing Director of INTA, Major General Juan Manuel de la Esperanza Martín-Pinillos, Head of the Planning Division of the Army Staff, Ms Francisca Rivero García, Secretary General of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings (IDAE), part of the Energy Office of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, and Mr Fernando de Pablo Martín, Secretary General of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function’s Digital Office.

The winning projects in this edition were “MOCED – Methodology for the Management and Operation of Distributed Space Centres” and “SEMCE – Applying Artificial Intelligence to Achieve the Goals of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC)”.

The MOCED Project involves the strategic department of Space – Space Centres and Infrastructure at Isdefe, and its goal is to study the best methods for managing and operating the ground segment for aerospace projects in order to achieve a system of distributed space centres for telemetry and remote control purposes, and to download and process payload data.

Leading this Project were the Isdefe engineers from the Space and Technology Centres department, Mr Francisco Javier Morales Comalat, Mr Guillermo Jesús Rivero Arias and Mr Jesús Torres Pindado.

The SEMCE project involves the strategic department of Energy Diversification and Efficiency at Isdefe, and is intended to develop a model based on artificial intelligence techniques that is able to assess the level of compliance with the targets laid out in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) through a pilot programme that compares the actual consumption in buildings of Spain’s national government against their energy ratings.

This Project was led by engineers from Isdefe’s Consulting and Strategic Management Processes Department, Ms Patricia Isabel Bañón Serrano, Mr Javier Cordobés Muñoz, Mr Carlos Rodríguez Alcalá, Ms Cristina Gómez Vide and Mr Miguel Alonso-Majagranzas Carrero.

This 5th call featured two special mentions. The first was for “SIMADE – Application of Systems Engineering to Design a Future Command and Control System for the Army”, which falls within the scope of systems engineering applied to defence and was led by Mr Tirso Camacho Mira and Mr Alejandro Menéndez Orgaz, of the Consulting and Strategic Management Processes Department, Mr Juan Manuel García Montaño, Deputy Director and Mr Mario Granizo Pérez, from Isdefe’s Transport and ICT Department.

The second special mention in this call was for the “Isdefe in Your Hand” project (the Isdefe app), part of the administration’s digital transformation effort and led by Ms Begoña Rojo Carralero, Mr José Martín Gómez and Mr Ramón Jesús García Guzmán, from the Consulting and Strategic Management Processes Department, and Ms Rocío Beltrán Orihuel, from Isdefe’s Governance, Transparency and Quality Department.

As in previous editions, this initiative highlights the entrepreneurial spirit of Isdefe’s employees and shows the acceptance of this programme by Isdefe’s employees, as evidenced by the number of ideas presented, their level of technical maturity and the collaboration among personnel from various departments and work centres at Isdefe.

Given the considerable value of R&D activity to Isdefe, whose mission includes knowing and anticipating the effects that emerging technologies could have on the Administration, as well as being in a position to help incorporate the Administration into the public sphere, this initiative enhances the “Corporate Culture of R&D” and supports the nature of Isdefe as the Administration’s in-house technical service provider and as an innovative company, thereby optimising the quality of the services it provides.

The invited speakers all shared in thanking Isdefe for the services provided in the various projects and noted the quality of the Isdefe engineers who took part in them.

During the event, the prizes were presented by the invited speakers, along with Isdefe’s Operations Director, Mr José Manuel Hesse, its Director of Business Development, Mr Jesús Alonso, and Isdefe’s CEO, Mr  Francisco Quereda, who, during the closing remarks, appreciated the effort put into the projects presented and encouraged the Isdefe staff to continue in its entrepreneurial mindset.

It should be noted that this programme to gather R&D ideas at Isdefe was part of Sustainable Development Goal “9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact titled “SDG Year 4, Corporate Leadership in the 2030 Agenda: From Theory to Action”, due to its commitment to have the Programme’s winning ideas support at least one Sustainable Development Goal in 2021.