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Presentation of Tele-iNNOVACIÓN awards

Presentation of Tele-iNNOVACIÓN awards

Isdefe’s CEO, Mr Francisco Quereda, and Isdefe’s Director of Business Development, Mr Jesús Alonso, presented the awards and certificates for the Exprés Tele-iNNOVACIÓN Contest to the creators of the winning ideas of this initiative.

The presentation took place on Friday, 30 October at Isdefe’s headquarters, and observed all the safety measures recommended to protect against COVID-19.

The Exprés Tele-iNNOVACIÓN Contest is part of a series of initiatives that Isdefe implemented during the lockdown as an exercise in lessons learned applicable in the future.

In this case, the Exprés Tele-iNNOVACIÓN Contest was open to the entire staff in which, through innovation management tools, innovative ideas were gathered to shape what was called “Your Future Isdefe”.

Over four weeks, more than 60 innovative ideas were submitted by 14% of the staff, representing every one of Isdefe’s departments.

The results of the initiative were reported company-wide on 30 April by way of a webinar that was open to all employees, and which is available on Isdefe’s YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ2rN0XGdC4

The winning ideas were selected by the participants in the initiative, and broken down into the following areas: processes, organisation, technology and an open category for any ideas not included in these three areas.

The winning ideas, and their creators, in each of the categories of the Exprés Tele-iNNOVACIÓN Contest were as follows:

  • Processes Category: Work by objectives.

    By: Carla Ciruelos Pardo, engineer in the Professional Selection and Development Office of the Administration and Human Resources Department.

  • Organisation Category: Part-time or temporary telework.

    By: Inés García Estébanez, engineer in the Public Purchasing Office of Isdefe’s Consulting and Strategic Management Process Department.

  • Technology Category: Innovative Company 5.0

    By: Ana Ortega Serrano, engineer in the Electronic Warfare and Public Security Office of the Defence and Security Department.

  • Open Category: e-vehicle carpooling.

    By: Javier Cordobés Muñoz, Head of the Energy and Environment Office of the Consulting and Strategic Management Process Department.

The video summary published on Isdefe’s YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ2rN0XGdC4, also features the presentations by Isdefe’s CEO, Mr Francisco Quereda, and Isdefe’s Director of Business Development, Mr Jesús Alonso, and an explanation of the various phases of this Exprés Tele-iNNOVACIÓN Contest: “Your Future Isdefe”.