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"Space Science Experience (2020-2021) Awards Ceremony"

"Space Science Experience (2020-2021) Awards Ceremony"

Isaac Domínguez, Isdefe's Space and Technological Centres Director, and Ildefonso Vera Gómez, Innovation, Processes and Transformation Manager in Isdefe's Business Development department took part in the Space Science Experience Awards Ceremony held on 28 June at the Madrid Planetarium

In 2015, Cooperation through Education in Science and Astronomy Research (CesaR) launched the "Space Science Experience" programme for primary and secondary school students; a "scientific experience" solving an Astrophysics puzzle guided by "Space experts".

CesaR is an educational programme developed by ESA, the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), and Isdefe, which promotes the world of science and technology amongst primary, secondary and university students through interactive activities focused on astrophysics and space issues.

The online version was launched in December 2020, allowing schools outside Madrid and Spain to be able to join.

The event began with the Madrid Planetarium's director, Telmo Fernández Castro, welcoming everyone, and the presentation was attended by Michel G. Breitfellner, Coordinator of the CesaR educational initiative; Pedro Francisco Duque Duque, Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, who appeared via video message; María Mercedes Marín García, General Director of Bilingualism, Teaching Quality and Educational Policy at the Community of Madrid’s Ministry of Education and Youth; and Günther Hasinger, Director of Science at ESA.

The event was moderated by Beatriz González García, from the European Centre for Space Astronomy, of Isdefe's Space and Technological Centres Department, who coordinates CesaR's "Space Science Experiences".

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, discussed the importance of promoting scientific vocations amongst young students with the Aerospace sector. She did so in the meeting she held with the organisers of this CesaR educational initiative.