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"Tools for Transformation in Public Administrations.”

"Tools for Transformation in Public Administrations.”

On March 16 the Excellence in Management Club’s Public Administrations Exchange Forum organised a webinar to present the "Tools for Transformation in Public Administrations" publication.

The Forum, coordinated by the General Directorate of Public Governance (Ministry of Territorial Policy and Civil Service), has drawn up this practical guide, which provides two tools that bolster transformation through innovative, sustainable and excellent management: the new EFQM Model and the Framework for Institutional Transformation.

Isdefe's Strategic Management Processes and Consulting Department has developed the Framework for Institutional Transformation, designed to facilitate the handling of transformations in public sector institutions in order to systematize and standardize the approaches taken.

The Framework serves as a guide for the transformation process, proposing 8 stages and 24 basic components, including concrete steps for their execution, relating it to the criteria and sub-criteria of the EFQM Model.

This practical guide has been published in an open and interactive format, allowing for navigation through the different stages of the Framework and access to the detailed fact sheets of its components.

You can access the guide via the following link: https://bit.ly/3foBw1W