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Employee area

Isdefe provides a series of services and contents available only to company employees:


Important information

The "Citrix Access - with RSA Token" and "Citrix Access - with Smartcard" entries have disappeared, which have been replaced respectively with "Secure Remote Access with RSA Token" and "Secure Remote Access with New Smartcard".

For access with the new smartcard, you must first download the .CER files for each one of the two necessary digital certificates, "EC_Raiz_ISDEFE" and "EC_Subordinada_ISDEFE" and install them with a double click:

HUELLA SHA1: 21 b0 39 11 66 85 68 03 93 02 e1 79 94 64 9b 08 1d e0 0e f7

HUELLA SHA1: 70 79 ec 39 bd 58 64 4a fc 3a bd a2 61 6a 37 d2 ff 36 d3 95