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The COIAE holds its 4th Aerospace Engineering Congress

The COIAE holds its 4th Aerospace Engineering Congress

The 4th Aerospace Engineering Congress will be held from 24 to 28 April at the Spanish Institute of Engineering. The theme for this event is “National Aeronautical and Space Strategy”.

This event, presided over by King Felipe VI, is organised by the Official Spanish Association of Aeronautical Engineers (COIAE), and focuses on the national aeronautical strategy. The Congress provides a forum for professionals, teachers, companies and institutions from Spain’s aeronautical sector to debate questions of vital import to the industry’s present and future.

The event is divided into five days, each of which will feature various roundtables and presentations. The topics to be discussed include aeronautical defence programmes in Spain and the investments and strategies of the aeronautical industry for the next ten years.

Isdefe, a leader in Spain’s aeronautical sector, will be an active participant in this Congress, with renowned Isdefe professionals taking part in the roundtables and giving various presentations.

The first day, Monday, 24 April, will be devoted to the different visions of Spain’s aeronautical and space strategy. Two roundtables will be held on this topic. The first, “Aeronautical Programmes in the Defence Sector”, will feature Ángel Sanz, Isdefe’s Director of Management Consulting and Strategic Processes. The second, on the joint national aeronautical strategy from the viewpoint of the stakeholders, will feature Isdefe’s Director of Business Development, Jesús M. Alonso.

The session on 25 April will revolve around new technologies in the industry. Two roundtables will be held that day. The first, titled “Evolutionary Concepts and Technologies in Air Traffic Management”, will feature Juan Revuelta, Director of Transport and ICT Systems. In the second, Isdefe’s Manager of Business Development, Álvaro Manresa, will speak about innovation in Spain and Europe in future aeronautical projects.

The third day will focus on airport and air navigation management models, with two debates, one on “Technologies to Improve Air Navigation” and the other on “Strategy for the Airport Sector: Construction, Management and Consulting”.

The fourth day will deal with space projects in Spain and the industry’s potential. Isaac Domínguez, Isdefe’s Director of Space Stations, will give a presentation on “Galileo Services and Applications”. There will also be a roundtable on recommendations for improving R&D investments in Spain’s space industry featuring Isdefe’s Operations Director, José M. Hesse.

Closing out the Congress on Friday the 28th will be a session on the evolution of air transport. The day will conclude with a roundtable on the joint national strategy for air transport and aviation in Spain.

Through its involvement in this Congress, Isdefe, the Spanish government’s in-house expert consultant on systems engineering, remains committed to cutting-edge technology and the exchange of knowledge in the area of aeronautics and aerospace.