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Isdefe Donates Computer and Medical Materials in the Operations Zone

Isdefe Donates Computer and Medical Materials in the Operations Zone

The Operations Command (MOPS) of the Defence General Staff manages donations for humanitarian purposes in the Operations Zone through the Civic-Military Cooperation Units (CIMIC). The purpose of these units is to secure local support for the mission through cooperation and coordination between the military command and civilian communities.

During these weeks of confinement, computer and medical materials donated by Isdefe were delivered to the international missions of the Spanish Armed Forces stationed in Gabon, Lebanon, Mali and Senegal.

Isdefe has donated a total of 174 laptops, along with other computer equipment (monitors, docks, mice and cables) and medical equipment consisting of eye testing equipment, a spirometer, a nebuliser, an autoclave and accessories, in order to contribute to the development, advancement and technological training of local communities where the Spanish forces are deployed.

Isdefe donates those computer materials that are obsolete and no longer useful to its employees so they can be reconditioned and reused for educational and humanitarian purposes.

This has allowed Isdefe to collaborate with the Operations Command, a partnership that has materialised in recent years through different donations.

In 2019, Isdefe coordinated its donations with the Operations Command, based on the operational needs of the missions and the availability of transport, which takes advantage of the logistics of Air Force aircraft to send the materials for humanitarian purposes in their cargo holds.

In January, at the Torrejón Air Base, Isdefe prepared the shipment and the MOPS worked out the logistics for distributing it, with the materials being delivered during this Covid-19 lockdown period.

The troops in Gabon, Lebanon, Mali and Senegal received the donations and delivered them to the recipients, namely:

Gabon: The "Mamba" Air Detachment delivered thirty-one laptops and monitors in Libreville to the Arc-en-Ciel Welcome Centre, and the Calasanz, Cours Lumière and Les Chandeliers schools, just before the conclusion of the Spanish mission in March 2020.

Lebanon: On May 20, the Spanish legionnaires of the UNIFIL mission delivered thirty-six laptops and forty monitors to the social development centres in El Adeisse, El Khiam, Majdal Silim and Meiss El Jebel. This donation took place in El Adeisse in the presence of the Commanding Officer of the East Sector of UNIFIL, BGEN Marcos Llago Navarro.

Mali: The Spanish contingent of the European Union mission in Mali delivered the donated materials in early June, in Bamako, to the Sisters of Mary Immaculate, who educate poor Malian girls in a classroom built with funds from the Ministry of Defence, and in Koulikoro, to the Franciscan Sisters of the Women's Training Centre.

Senegal: The “Marfil” (Ivory) air detachment in Dakar will shortly deliver the materials, depending solely on the travel limitations imposed in the area due to the pandemic.

These laptops, monitors and docks will provide computer resources to the most vulnerable populations in the aforementioned Operations Zones, making it possible for the people there to receive the training required to access more skilled jobs.

The materials distributed to each destination were as follows:

  • Operation A/C. DAT Gabon: 31 computers + monitors

  • EUTM Mali operation: 58 computers + monitors + dock

  • Operation A/I Iraq: 41 computers + monitors + dock + medical supplies (eye testing unit + Spirometer + Nebuliser + Autoclave + accessories). The entire shipment to Iraq was redirected to Mali

  • Operation A/M DAT Dakar: 8 computers + monitors

  • Operation L/H Lebanon: 36 computers + 40 monitors + docks + computer equipment.

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