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Isdefe hosted a Digital Forensics Investigation Workshop at its headquarters

Jornada de Investigación forense digital

Isdefe hosted the Forum on Public-Private Cooperation in Cybersecurity, which is organising a workshop on digital forensic investigation, to be held on 29 and 30 June.

This workshop is intended for judges and prosecutors, who will learn first-hand of the changes made to the new Penal Code and criminal offences involving computer crimes.

The event will feature representatives from the Prosecutor’s Office Computer Crimes Division, the Ministry of Justice, the judiciary, as well as members of Spain’s national police and Civil Guard, as well as important companies in the industry.

The workshop will deal with the theoretical-practical foundations that will provide an understanding of the methods, tools and findings of forensic investigation, the most widely tools and techniques for conducting forensic analyses of various systems, and the standards used to write expert computer reports. There will also be a debate on the key aspects of the law as these pertain to legal forensic investigations.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are essential to the inner workings of today’s society. Public-private cooperation offers a method that will allow us to face the problems involved in the use of ICT, especially in the areas of security and cybersecurity.