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Isdefe Participates in the 1st Interdisciplinary Space Week and 4th Space Engineering Congress

Isdefe Participates in the 1st Interdisciplinary Space Week and 4th Space Engineering Congress

From June 20 to 24, 2022, Spain's Institute of Engineering (IIE) organised the 4th Space Engineering Congress (CIE) and the 1st Interdisciplinary Space Week (SIE), at which different Isdefe Space engineers, members of the UC3M-Isdefe Space Chair, and heads of other areas of the company moderated two round tables, with members of Isdefe's Innovation team also attending.

The different presentations were given by the head of GNSS and Remote Sensing area, Mr.  Jose M.ª Cruz, with the talk "The Galileo RPS Service in Spain"; the head of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, Ricardo Manuel Pérez, with "The Present and Future of Astronomy and Astrophysics Missions"; and the head of electronic maintenance at the Maspalomas Space Station, Antonio Juan González, with "The Present and Future of Satellite Tracking Stations".

David Modrego, an Isdefe consultant at the INTA Torrejón Space Center (CEIT), attached to the Torrejón Space Infrastructure area, collaborated with INTA on the presentation "Improvements in the Automation of the Cheops Mission", all of these professionals belonging to Isdefe's Space management.

For the UC3M-ISDEFE Chair, the presentations were: "Emulator of a Quantum Cryptography System" and "An Introduction to a Common European Framework for Space Engineering Studies".

Isdefe also participated in the moderation of two round tables, the first being "The Orbit-Spectrum Resource: The Basis of Telecommunications in the Space Sphere", moderated by José Luis Ruiz Mendoza, head of the Innovation, ICT and Digital Agenda area; and, second, "Space and National and European Strategic Security, Dual Use", moderated by the director of the Robledo de Chavela Station, Moisés Fernández Álvaro.

Isdefe's Innovation team was also present at this intense week dedicated to Space Engineering, a field characterized by the need to constantly address new and increasingly complex technologies and have the requisite scientific and technological knowledge.

The Space sector requires ongoing efforts in development, innovation and the training of human teams. Isdefe has a team committed to tackling this challenge and to service, giving the company the technological capacity to face the upcoming challenges and milestones in the European space race at the very highest level.