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Isdefe Publishes its 2016 General Annual Report

Isdefe Publishes its 2016 General Annual Report

Isdefe is releasing its 2016 Annual Report, which describes the activities of the company, its financial results and relevant information in the areas of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, and provides an overview of the organisation for the last fiscal year.

In addition to the usual formats available on www.annualreportisdefe.com, the 2016 Report is being published for the first time on a dedicated website, to make it easy for our stakeholders to read and access the information.

The 2016 report provides a turnover figure for Isdefe of €148M, a 3.3% increase with respect to the previous year. This was made possible by the consolidated growth of the activities derived from our status as the in-house technical service provider. As for the international activity, of note is the continued support to international bodies like NATO, EDA, GSA and OSCE, and the space agencies NASA and ESA.

The report describes Isdefe’s support in 2016 for internal innovation projects, which, along with the company’s solid commitment to training, focused primarily on the technical aspect of its strategic areas, promote the generation and sharing of knowledge so that the company can continue to provide the highest quality consulting and engineering services.

As part of its continuing commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility system, the Board of Directors approved, among other measures, the Criminal Risk Prevention Manual, which represents one more step toward transparent and responsible management. 

This Report was written in keeping with two internationally renowned global frameworks: The ‘Exhaustive’ option of the G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)  and the United Nations Global Compact Progress Report.

2016 Annual Report.