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The Joint Cyber-Defence Command organises with the collaboration of Isdefe the Cyber-Defence Conference 2016

The Joint Command organises Cyber Defence Days 2016 with Isdefe as its main collaborator

The Joint Cyber-Defence Command (MCCD) of the Chiefs of Staff is organising the second edition of the , entitled "Military Operations in Cyberspace", from the 23rd to the 26th of May 2016 in Kinepolis, Madrid (Ciudad de la Imagen). The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for presenting and discussing the state of the art in every area of cyber-defence, creating a platform for knowledge and networking both nationally and internationally so as to enable new opportunities for cooperation.

Isdefe, aware of the relevance and importance of the conference in the field of cyber-defence, will be the main partner of the MCCD during the event, as it was for the first conference in 2014. The workshop is intended as a meeting point to share experiences and lessons learned from recent operations at the national and international level, and will consider topics of interest such as the challenge of integrating cyber-defence into the process of operational planning, and the potential impact of attacks on National Security and Critical Infrastructure operators. Special focus will be given to the legal aspects of cyberspace.

Notable cyber-defence experts from around the world are expected to attend, as well as an audience full of Ministry of Defence representatives from both Spain and abroad, in addition to companies in the sector. Cyber Defence Days 2016 are part of the celebrations leading up to the Armed Forces Day, demonstrating the willingness and desire of National Defence to take part in working for the common good.

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