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University of Granada/Army Training and Doctrine Command Congress

University of Granada/Army Training and Doctrine Command Congress

The “Army, Business and Knowledge, A Strategic Alliance for the 2035 Horizon” congress was held in the city of Granada from 22 to 24 October, jointly organised by the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (MADOC), the University of Granada and this university’s Social Board.

Speaking at this Congress on behalf of Isdefe was Jesús Alonso, the Director de Business Development, who outlined Isdefe’s commitment to innovation as it seeks solutions to the challenges of public administrations, and explained the innovative model that is Isdefe’s Horizons Network.

Mr Jesús Alonso highlighted the support for MADOC to address its needs and challenges, especially as these concern the 2035 brigade, and noted Isdefe’s role as a liaison between the Army and the knowledge that facilitates the development of the defence community (Army, business, academia and administration).

Daniel Mosquera, Head of R&D at Isdefe, based his presentation on R&D financing opportunities in an effort to acquire the Army’s Force Advantage in the 2035 Brigade as he analysed the European context (European Defence Fund, Preparatory Action on Defence Research, actions of the European Defence Agency involving the capabilities of the 2035 force, and others).

In his presentation he noted the key R&D activities in the area of Defence: 1) multilateral collaboration, 2) use of available funds – including aspects of dual technologies, 3) the importance of spearheading strategic actions for the 2035 Brigade and 4) developed R&D applied to the roadmap for the Force Advantage.

Lastly, he set forth Isdefe’s vision in terms of leveraging the various options for financing research, development and innovation, underscoring the initiatives based on European funds of interest to Defence and Security, internal funds and their relation to European research. He also discussed the university-administration collaborative model known as the Horizons Network and its areas of relevance to Defence, and to MADOC in particular.

Present at this congress were specialists from the army and Ministry of Defence, as well as from the French, British and American armies and representatives from defence contractors and academia.

The event was brought to a close by the President of the University of Granada, Ms Pilar Aranda Ramírez, Lieutenant General Jerónimo de Gregorio y Monmeneu, head of MADOC, and the president of the Social Board of the university, Mr Gregorio Vicente Jiménez López.