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Virtual roundtable “Emerging Capabilities of Systems of Systems”

Virtual roundtable “Emerging Capabilities of Systems of Systems”

Organised by the Universidad Europea, a virtual roundtable was held on Wednesday, October 13 on the “Emerging Capabilities of Systems of Systems”.

Belinda Misiego, Head of the Innovation Division of Isdefe’s Business Development Department, moderated the roundtable, which featured systems engineering experts Alberto Sols, Dean of the School of Architecture and Engineering at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, César Martínez, Director of the FCAS Programme at Indra, Sergio Tiraplegui, coordinator of systems engineering at SENER for the ESA’s Proba-3 mission, and José Molins, CTO and founding partner of Eris Engineering.

The initial deliberations focused on the permanent and temporary setbacks in the emerging capabilities of Systems, considering their joint operation and evolution.

Another point of discussion was the differences between Systems of Systems (SoS) and ordinary systems, with the debate focusing on the application of “traditional” systems engineering processes to Systems of Systems. The main challenges that emerged from this point were the development of suitable effectiveness metrics, resilience, validation strategies, and others.

Finally, the discussion turned to one of the main defence programmes, the Future Combat Air System (FCAS), as it provides an excellent example of a System of Systems, and where César Martínez briefly explained the purpose of FCAS and the systems that comprise it.

The roundtable concluded with reflections from the participants, most notably those of Alejandro Salado, PhD in Systems Engineering, on the use of COTS, mission engineering and safety aspects.