icono Transport

Traffic management

Gestión de tráfico


Isdefe offers technical support for planning and managing communications, navigation and surveillance programmes, as well as information systems to aid in traffic management.

Services specialising in validating operational and safety procedures and regulatory requirements, in environmental aspects and in protecting facilities and systems. Ample experience in analysing air traffic incidents and in conducting safety audits.

Its main services in this area of activity are:

  • Programme/project management and technical consulting on communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems
  • Programme/project management and technical consulting on air traffic management (ATM) systems
  • Technical Assistance to National Civil Aviation Authorities wth Regulations and in Supervising Air Services Providers
  • Aviation Safety: Technical Consulting in Analysing and Evaluating Air Traffic Incidents and Corrective Measures
  • Supervision and Management of Air Traffic and Flight Procedures: Operational Safety Audits to Prevent Aviation Accidents
  • Programme/Project Management and Technical Consulting on Maritime Traffic Management Systems (VTMS)