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Virtual platform where the Marketing tools and applications are hosted, allowing the access to the Corporate Information from anywhere. The responsibility of, both the Marketing Portal and the tools and applications that are hosted on it, are property of the Business Development Directorate. 

The marketing tools and applications have been developed with the objective of endorsing and modernizing Isdefe's Coporate Image, enhance its positioning and perception as in-house technical services provider of the Spanish General Administration, as well as supporting the commercial functions, focusing its actions to boost business oportunities in new or existant markets to guarantee the company' s sustainability.

Among the main advantages of the Marketing Portal, the most important are: 

  1. Access and download of the corporate documents (Corporate Brochures and Reports, Sector Brochures).
  2. Information of services and successful stories.
  3. Possibility to leave queries and requests throughout a form. 

The Marketing tools and applications to get access are:

  • Corporate Digital Presentation (Search)
  • Produtcs and Services Catalogue (Search)
  • Corporate Brochures and Reports - Corporate Presentation, Isdefe in 1 minute, Summarized Corporate Identity Manual, Annual Report, Annual Report Executive Summary - (Search / Download)
  • Sector Brochures - Defence and Security, Aeroespace, Transport, Government Agencies, ICT (Search / Download)
  • Corporate Video (Search)


If you want to get access to the Marketing Portal to search / download the Marketing tools and applications, do not hesitate to click the following link: 


Corporate Videos


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Sectors of Activity


  Defence and Security Sector            Transport Sector                             Space Sector    



      Public Administration Sector          ICT Sector                                         Energy Sector              


Corporative Brochures 


 Digital Corporate Presentation        Product and Services Catalogue     Corporate Brochures and Reports                   



                                                                        Sector Brochures